An independent study (now blog) about the potential of handicraft to save us all.
Supervised by Denise Powell.
An independent study about who we are online. 
Supervised by Instructor Ian Hales
An independent study on magic lantern history and technique.
Supervised by Associate Professor Lori Emerson

Asian Erasure catalogs the often offensive portrayals of Asian communities in western media and Asian trailblazers who have long been challenging these portrayals through work in-front and behind the scenes. 
The project focused on gathering information about movies that have misrepresented the AAPI community and the second one was to gather individuals who are part of the AAPI community as well as the media industry. 
The data was manually cleaned and formatted to be displayed via a website. The website was designed through multiple Figma iterations and then followed by using Next.js and github to deploy it. 
Asian Erasure is a culmination of passion, data collection/cleaning, design, and coding. 
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